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Friday, 10 June 2016

Why TOGAF Certification is Necessary?

Vastly used by software engineers and IT professionals with architectural skills and have a certification in architecture framework like TOGAF. A vendor–neutral certification when the selection of vendor-based architecture used in frameworks. And also act as a preferred certification by job listings when understanding the framework is not enough to make through the interview that being held to recruit professionals.

Why TOGAF Certification

If situations were good and your resume shows that you have provided both technical and non-technical skills to work for the company or organization on a development process.

How popular is TOGAF?

With the expertise in data, enterprise, applications, security and systematic architects TOGAF have been hugely popular is these segments. After conveying a survey it was noticed that there were several people like around 11 thousand at the foundation level of the certification and above 25 thousand at the certified level. Which was an uptick from the previous value of population that was in 2013 with only around 7 thousand at the foundation or basic level and around 17 thousand at the certified level?

The details you need to know about TOGAF

If you have decided to take the TOGAF exam, then you’ll be sitting for the most recent version of the TOGAF certification, and that is TOGAF 9.1. There’s a multiple-choice exam for the candidates at foundation level 1, which shows people the basic things that they need to know about for level 2 certified examinations, which is based on scenario, you’ll need a deeper understanding of TOGAF because employers need professionals and the best of the best that have architectural skills. And with this certification the hiring process gets so much easier. You can either complete the foundation exam before doing the certified exam, or you can give both the examinations at the same time according to your will.

Now, is it that great?

What do you think is it worth of this price? In the United States of America the level 1 examination costs $320 as well as the level 2 examination. But, if you give both of them at the same time then it will take around $429. Then there are many kinds of offers worth $3000 that are courses ranging between four to five days which are led by instructors. You can also learn all these online via e-learning courses worth $1150. And both of them are very pricey.

TOGAF have been regularly at the top of the most in-demand skills in the reports of many papers and magazines and online sites, with an above-average pay premium for software engineers and IT professionals who has good understanding of the framework: To keep people with skills and requirements for this exam, they have to pay for the services because most of the time the candidates does not have the required skills. And with this the certification is gaining the market value too in every way. 

There are variety and plenty of architectural jobs, if you are looking for one. And if you want to start good find companies who have good numbers of TOGAF certified architects.

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