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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Why do you think the PgMP credential is right for you?

You can’t decide whether the PgMP credential is right for you or not right at the start. People who have achieved this degree are individuals with great level of success in their life. They are highly skilled in several types of projects and multiple related works with objectives. There are three types of phases in PgMP credential:

  • The preparation phase.
  • The phase of the exam.
  • Multi-rater assessment phase.

Why do you think the PgMP credential is right for you

Requirements for the credential

For this credential a person must have at least 4 years of experience of program management. 12 professional references are necessary with a comprehensive exam. One of the senior most position is this credential of people who have highly succeeded in what they are doing like running their own company, or consultant of firms.

  • An average of 15 years of PME.
  • An average of 9 years of PME.
  • Having a Bachelor’s degree as well as a Master’s degree.
  • Salary ranges from $121,000 - $130,000.

PgMP is quite hard to obtain. There are expectations with context to the baseline of providing information about the credential giving some basic statistics and information.

You will find many people who have found themselves in profit after getting promotions or increase in salary, those people felt that they are doing their jobs for this job only. After that people have said that this has improved their networking capabilities drastically.It is quite hard to gauge the benefits they have obtained so far, but it is quite easy to see that they doing their job more confidently. And even more people said that they are feeling very positive about this and they are thinking to make a move.

Why it depends on your career objective?

PgMP credential depends on the benefits, capital and effort that you put in while doing this job to ensure that the investment has to be made in time. If your plan is to continue as a project practitioner but not become a program manager the investment is not worth it in my opinion. Don not applies if you do not have the required work experience it needs. It is an timed application so it is better that you should make a firm decision about this rather than thinking whether you are sure about the money and time and make a commitment which you cannot fulfill. However, there have only been only a few amounts of people who found that the timing was just not right for them.

As the saying goes “Knowledge is the power, knowledge is the freedom”. In this competitive world and time any kind of help can create confidence in you and you need to spark confidence in others to make everything really easy, and others who have given feedback the PgMP will be providing them with benefits. Then what’s the bottom line?If you think these benefits are well suited for you and the time and money they will be providing you with is enough, then you should surely go for it.

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