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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Changes to ITIL Certification in 2011

The year 2011 saw a number of changes in the latest edition of ITIL. These changes mostly leaned towards improving the clarity and the consistency of the lifecycle suit. Maximum of these changes were principally driven from the different concept of service strategy. These different up- gradations and addition of the Service Strategy model of ITIL were brought around to present the clearest, most concise and easily accessible understanding of the subject. The different activities involved with the ITIL Service Strategies are clearly termed as processes and have been defined with the help of basic templates to make them clearly understandable.

ITIL Certification Changes in 2011

Some of the major changes done to ITIL in 2011, include-

  • Rearrangement of the content that has all in all helped in making it much fluently readable, flow-y and also much more aligned throughout the life cycle suit.
  • There is a much better and improved sense of consistency in the different interfaces involved in the ITIL Course and also in the inputs and the outputs in the life cycle suit.
  • The new upgradation allow better navigation on the topic
  • Terminology across the syllabus was simplified and made consistent as such throughout

A chapter was all in all dedicated to service strategy apart from the other generic chapters, etc. 
These were some of the major changes that were noticed in ITIL coursework with the 2011 edition. 

What are the advantages brought upon by 2011 changes?

The recent updates in the description and definition of processes and their correction and consistency have helped aspiring candidates to understand the processes better and that too in the most concise manner. The review group to ITIL Certification Course has confirmed post the upgradation and changes that the course material and the books have thereafter become more accessible and comprehensible by each and every pursuing individual. The concepts and the Service strategies put forward in the books have become much easily readable, understandable, navigable and teachable. Hence all in all, all the changes brought upon the ITIL course has been of profitable nature and has only advanced the quality of the course in totality.

Retaining of the core concepts and principles:

The main cause that ensured the inception and execution in the change of the ITIL structure and course was the rise of certain issues that were notified by the change control log. The change happened on repeated notification and advice from the change advisory board and a final report from the review group. Post the change it is these groups who confirmed that the material has come to be much more accessible by one and all.

The ITIL Team of Authors involved themselves in crafting and deciding the material for the course that would be concise and simple and yet impart the optimum knowledge and information required. Any issues that came to be raised by the team of authors were finally checked by the Project board, who eliminated them to help retain the necessary and best concepts and principles and eliminate the rest.

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  1. Good know about ITIL Certification changes. Helpful article.. Keep doing.

  2. Changes are made in support to make some better understanding towards organizational goal and to understand customers needs. All the changes made is just to focus organizational betterment and to improve the quality of the course. I hope it will keep updating its framework.

  3. Thanks for enlightening us with this blog, hope in future you do will come with such information on ITIL Certification.

  4. Manish Agarwal8 May 2015 at 03:21

    ITIL Certifications are highly demanded today, I just wanted to know about the course structure of this professional certification can anyone help me with this?

  5. O.. Thank you.. Very Helpful information provided here...