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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Why is having a Project Management Certification Important?

There are a number of debates that you will come across when discussing the importance of Project Management Certifications, amongst IT professionals. As a result of this continuous debate there have been quite a few researches that have been incepted to find out what is the importance of a Project Management Certification holder in a business project. It was also researched whether the presence of a Certified Project Management Professional makes a project more successful than a project that is devoid of such a professional. The result of these researches and in lieu the importance of a Project Management Certification is discussed in the paragraphs below.

Why PMP Certification

Outcomes to the Research:
Out of every 10 ads in papers seeking a Project Management official, 8 of them will ask for a certification to prove your capabilities. Out of these 8 ads, 5 will notify their need for experienced candidates in the field for a minimum of 5 to 10 years. The rest three will make it necessary for you to hold a PMP certification to even opt for the job and send in your resume.

  • Hence it is fairly clear that the IT industry is looking for assurance in the form of Project Management Professional Certifications, to ensure the credential and the knowledge of candidates they are employing for the post of Project Manager and Project Head.

  • A number of CIOs spoke to a greater number of Project Management Professionals and also a member of PMI, to uncover the truth for this huge demand for Certified Project Managers.  What was found was, Certifications are more of ornamentation for most employers rather than the actual tangible credentials of a candidate.

  • It is very hard for any Individual to guarantee successful outcomes for a project, yet a Certificate seems to strengthen the idea of success for them. A non- certified individual with real time experience and idea of the field can also bring upon profitable results for the project being handled. 

Why are employers seeking Certified PMPs?

One of the major reasons as to why there are so many employer looking for PMI’s PMP certified professionals to be hired for their posts of Project Manager, is the requests from their clients for them. It seems that most clients these days are looking for Certified Project managers for their projects, and in case that a company is unable to supply them with it, they will very clearly move on to the next company that can. It is in this case scenario that the all over demand for Project Management Certification has increased.

This demand for Certified Project Managers was first seen from clients and customers of the company, who find it reliable to hire companies with these certified professionals. It is as if a guarantee that the presence a PMP will ensure the success of the project.

Hence it can be said that holding a PMP certification is worth the hassle, as it will surely help you settle for a better job.

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