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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Why PMP Certification Is Important?

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Most of the employee or professional people prefer PMP certification because it provides several advantages. There are also several companies where PMP certification is important for employee performance and promotion. The project management professional (PMP) certification course includes several importance and advantages. Now, the question is why this certification course is so vital currently in the job market? The answer is, most of the clients in the market prefer PMP certification from their vendors.

Watch video about PMP 6th Edition Changes

There are several places where PMP certification is mandatory, like if you are planning to bid for any government project, you have to apply with this certification as they require it! Basically if you have this certification, it will increase your career growth and definitely it will also acknowledge worldwide. So, professionally, you will get better experience and good career growth. Another important factor is salary. After doing this course, if you get a certificate, you will get a huge salary jump easily. It helps to get the best job with the best salary. Presently, most of the MNC companies prefer this kind of globally accepted certificated from their candidates.

If you will do this course, you can get an opportunity to search and choose best job for you. As the market is very competitive, job seekers get very less chance to choose a best job. But if you will do this course, you can able to choose a best job easily as per your requirement. It will also help to expand the market research properly and you will get several scopes easily.

PMP professionals get challenging projects

You have to take most challenging job after get this certificate. It will increase your creativity and efficiency as well. They also get a chance to take the vital role in the company and analysis and make the best project in the company. It will increase their efficiency and it improves their career growth. He or she can able to get this position from their education and experience. They can able to lead and direct the project and help a company to move smoothly.

How to Pass PMP 6th Edition

Choose a best institution for this purpose

Due to the tough competition in the market, each and every institution offer different types of professional courses including PMP certificate course, data management course, etc. Now, you have to search properly the net and choose a reputed institution that not only offer course and certificate but help you to explore properly in your professional career. It’s very important to search and choose a best institution for this purpose.

First, check their website and their course details and then check their testimonials to know more details about their services. After that, if you have any doubt, call their customer care department and know complete details about their courses, timings, and fees. After searching, compare and check the global rating of that institution and then proceed. A certificate from a reputed institution can make your career bright and beautiful. So, search the net and choose a institution now!

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Importance Of Agile As Well As Scrum Methodology

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Importance of Agile and Scrum Methodology

The agile is one of the software development approaches. Generally, it promotes the testing of the development lifecycle. This method is an entirely incremental process. The whole agile process is divided into individual models. This process is very beneficial for every client. The client can check the process and also take the decision about the project. By using agile method, small projects can be implemented. By using this method, project can be executed in 2-4 weeks. Planning is very easy. This process is very useful, as the agile team has a contract with the customers. 

Advantages Of Agile Method:-

The agile method has several features. It is very useful. Some important features are,
  • Fast delivery- The team of agile method provides fast delivery. They use new features efficiently. Also, they deliver these features quickly and frequently. They also provide before the date of delivery. 
  • Business value- This method allows every client to check the project. Also, they allow them to check the priority features. Thus, the team will understand clearly client’s requirement. The team will understand the importance of client’s business. They provide the features as per client’s business value. 
  • You can change- Generally; the team always provides you 100% satisfaction result. They provide high-quality features. So, the client has an opportunity to change product feature and also refine these. Backlog items are planned for the next iteration. 
  • Transparency- The agile method provides a unique chance to the clients. This method helps every client involvement in the project. The client can involve from iteration planning to prioritizing features and also review sessions. So that, the client can checks the whole progress of the work properly. 
  • Reasonable cost- The cost is very reasonable and also limited. The cost is completely limited to the fixed-schedule time box. Before starting the project, they provide you a full budget of the software project. So, the client can understand the total price. 

What Is Scrum?

Scrum is the subset of agile development method. This method manages all tasks with the agile team. Scrum is used to manage all complex problems. It is used to change the process of business. The main objective of this of this process is to enable the business efficiency. Generally, it contains three roles such as,
  • Scrum master- The scrum master is responsible for setting up the team. It eliminates problems and organize meeting. 
  • Product owner- Product owner check all iteration of the software development. Product owner makes all product backlogs, provides functionality of the product and also fix the priorities of the product. 
  • Scrum team- The team of scrum manages all work. They also organize work and also complete cycle. 
SKILLOGIC is providing Certified Scrum Master (CSM) training in Bangalore. Sign-up and get certify.

Process Of Scrum Method:-

The scrum method has some important processes. These are, 
  • The scrum team checks work daily basis. 
  • Team provides product functionality at the end of the sprint. 
  • The scrum team defines product backlog. 
  • The iteration of the scrum is known as sprint.
  • The product backlog contains all details of the product.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Guidelines to Comprehend Scrum as a Journey and Not Just as a System Change

Scrum is a very new technique which is being adopted by many IT companies all over the world as it is profitable because of its high emphasis on teamwork, innovation, work efficiency and accountability. It focuses on a goal oriented work environment where the same vision is shared by all the individuals of the company, and they work together towards a better future. This concept of scrum is straightforward to understand, but implementing it is incredibly tedious mainly because people are scared of any change and secondly, and more importantly some people only accept it half-heartedly. They follow the protocol of the scrum system such as group discussions and presentations and much more, but fail to inculcate the values preached by scrum inside them. They fail to realize that the only reason scrum is such a huge hit is because of its emphasis on values and not because of the different system it follows. A few guidelines are given below to help you understand scrum as a journey.

Changing the Mindset from an Individual Goal to a Shared Goal

Just following the protocol of a team without inculcating the ideals of teamwork within you will be valueless. One needs to form a cordial understanding with other team members and their working styles and find a system that works for everyone. Each one wants to be a part of the team and only following the technical part of scrum will not be valuable to the company or oneself in the long run. It is important to bring transparency and trust within the team and to create a wholesome work environment.

Being Open to Constant Change

Most people find it difficult to keep up with the constant changes of the market around them failing to realize that change is the only thing that helps them move forward and innovate. Just submitting presentations as a part of the scrum protocol and not feeling thrilled by experimentation and wanting to create something new will only produce mediocre results.

Scrum Courses as an Integral Part of the Company
One of the best decisions a company could make is to make scrum training and certification a compulsory feat for every individual. It is indeed an expensive course, but it is worth the effort as scrum training builds individuals into efficient workers who appreciate the goals and teamwork. Scrum certification is prestigious, making an individual the number one option for amazing job opportunities. If you are keen on becoming a part of a team, then enroll for the course and emerge as a successful professional.

It Teaches To Value the Opinions of the Customers

In companies that value real scrum the feedback of even a single customer is taken seriously and not reacted upon with angry gestures. A lot of thought is given to the opinion without any hard feelings and just by using logic, and then the team collectively comes to a proper decision. Scrum needs to be inculcated life to be accurately beneficial to the individual and the company.

SKILLOGIC™ Institute is one of the leading training centers for scrum master and agile training courses in INDIA. You can take classroom training at Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Better Methodology: PRINCE2 Vs Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Vs PRINCE2

For people working in the IT Sector, getting a qualification in either PRINCE2 or MSP is essential. Most professionals in the field have either already obtained skills or are working towards one. However, there can be no question of choosing either one as both are necessary and complement each other to an extent.

A Brief Overview

PRINCE2 is the acronym for Projects in Controlled Environments, widely perceived as the best alternative for project management. The British Government and the private sector in the UK and many other countries use Prince extensively, and it provides the best way to structure and plan the business, to give it a high chance of success.

MSP (Managing Successful Programs) was developed as a guide to Program Management. It comprises a set of principles and processes to make it simpler to manage a program. This qualification helps people ensure the successful delivery of transformational change and is designed keeping in mind the goals of flexibility and diversity.

Both are fantastic ways to understand projects, run projects and monitor progress along the way. For anyone who is running larger projects – such as building a hospital – they are vital to ensure it is delivered on time and to budget. They provide a discipline and structure which makes controlling and monitoring the projects effectively.

General Idea On Lean Six Sigma

There is a prevalent myth that Lean Six Sigma is simply another way to manage a project, but this is certainly not true. Lean Six Sigma requires a total change in the outlook of the project manager.  It is a set of principles, tools, and techniques which ensure the correct analysis of the problem and the data to back up the solution to that problem.

Lean Six Sigma is the way to solve problems in the project, whereas PRINCE2 is the mechanism to run it. This signifies compatibility; as it is no use running the best project in the world without the best solution and implementation. 

However, it is the fact that Lean Six Sigma does not have an inbuilt structure in it which creates the confusion. It is simply the way out for people who do need the full technical knowledge of PRINCE2 and MSP in their projects. It only teaches the individual some specifics of project management and ensures that they get implemented in the project. If one is PRINCE2 or MSP certified, then Lean Six Sigma completes the skill set.

Significance Of Lean Six Sigma Course

  1. It ensures the correct collection of data, which will consequently lead to sound decisions.
  2. It will ensure the identification of the main issues of the project, which leads to faster elimination.
  3. It provides a new set of tools to solve problems quicker and better.
  4. It gives an individual a whole new set of skills and an internationally recognized qualification.

The Bottom Line

Lean Six Sigma promises the best solutions for any problems that any project may face, be it in IT, infrastructure, logistics or construction. Each has seen the benefits of understanding how Lean Six Sigma will transform their world.

SKILLOGIC™ training institute is one of the leading centers for PRINCE2 Training and Lean Six Sigma Training in INDIA. You can opt for classroom mode in your preferred location and ONLINE mode.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Upcoming ITIL Certification Training in Bangalore

Information Technology Infrastructure Library or call it as ITIL, is defined as a set of practices for IT Service Management. It helps in providing individuals to understand how IT services are associated towards the needs of a business.

There are many reasons to implement ITIL in business, it makes easier to work with partners with a common platform. This also helps employees to understand what service desk can do and to make employees more productive.

ITIL Certification Courses

ITIL Certification is a integrated approach and is a series of qualification that cover the best practices in different ways. There are five level of certification course available these are:

  • Foundation 
  • Practitioner 
  • Intermediate 
  • Expert 
  • Master
Skillogic Knowledge Solution is an authorized training organization which provides ITIL training and are scheduled frequently at its Bangalore training centre. If you are a beginner and looking for ITIL Foundation course then below are some scheduled dates that are available for enrolling.

Upcoming Training for ITIL Foundation Certification Course in Bangalore

ITIL Foundation Classroom Training
26th Aug 2017
9th Sept 2017
23rd Sept 2017
ITIL Foundation Online Training
18th Sept
16th Oct 2017
13th Nov 2017
25th Dec 2017

To enrol you can sign up by using following this URL

Find Training Reviews on ITIL Foundation Course at Skillogic

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Skillogic Providing Corporate Training In India For PRINCE2 Training

Are you looking to get that corporate edge? Do you want to stand apart among the other managers in your office? Then the corporate training programme for PRINCE2 by the leading institute Skillogic is the ideal option for you. In today’s world competition is very high and you need to stand high in order to get noticed. But getting noticed can get difficult as most people are doing well these days. So you need an edge – the edge can be in the form of a certified course in PRINCE2.

How Is This Helpful?

The certified course can be a very good addition to your CV. In most cases it is seen that individuals with a lot of potential are losing out as they are not being able to stand out in the competition. You need to be very constructive when you are planning out a career. This course will highlight your potential and help you to prove to your employer that they ate making a good choice when they are choosing you. The corporate training is very good idea for any individual who is planning a career as a manager in any field.

Is It Good For All Corporates?

This corporate training program is very good for any corporate structure. You can enroll in the programme as a whole corporate body directly through the particular office. You can even enroll as an individual. It is very popular among the international firms as Skillogic pays special attention to the different global aspects of the whole programme.

The training constitutes of many different types of programmers by experienced people in the course. You are bound to learn a lot and the practical exposure given to each candidate will help you to use your learnings in an actual work scenario. Thus this corporate training in India by Skillogic in PRINCE2 is definitely one of the best training available to all managerial aspirants.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Upcoming DevOps Training Classes in Bangalore

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DevOps assures for doing exactly what industry needs by fostering collaboration along with all IT chain used starting from development, IT infrastructure and operation. But still there are companies whose IT infrastructure is still same as it was before a decade. There are organization who still believes on plan-build-run operating system in their organization. However there are IT companies who successfully opt for DevOps and achieved more than 25% increase in capacity while up to 75% reduction in time and 50% decrease in failure rates.

Here is Video to learn what exactly DevOps is, and how it runs in an organization.

If you are staying in Bangalore and looking for DevOps training then here are some upcoming training classes that you should not miss out.

Upcoming Training for DevOps in Bangalore

Skillogic Knowledge Solution Provides Online as well as classroom training for individuals in Bangalore looking for a career in DevOps.

Upcoming Training for DevOps in Bangalore

DevOps Foundation
3rd Jun 2017
 INR 14,500
DevOps Online Training
3rd Jun 2017
 INR 14,500
DevOps Online Training
3rd Jun 2017
 INR 14,500

Sign up with Skillogic Knowledge Solution and earn your DevOps Foundation Certification in 2 days training program. You can enroll yourselves for DevOps Training in Bangalore by following the below link.