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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Application of PRINCE2 by Various Senior Managers in their Projects

PRINCE2 is an acronym for Projects In Controlled Environment. It is a de-facto method for effective management which is mainly followed by the UK Government and is widely recognized in private sector both in UK and internationally.

PRINCE2 in Projects

Key Features of PRINCE2

PRINCE2 is known for a number of key features for which people crave for its certification. 

  • It focuses on business justification.
  • It has a product based planning approach.
  • It is flexible so that it can be applied at a level in project.
  • It is a well-defined organization structure for project management team.
  • It focuses on dividing the project into manageable and controllable stages.

These are the features which make it popular in international market and because of which senior management prefers to follow it in their teams for better outcome in the project which in turns benefit the organization.

A concept called Project Board from PRINCE2 is an excellent way to get senior stakeholders involved in decision making.

A Project Board consists of small group of people, around six to seven who has the capability to make major decisions like when the project should start, when it should end, when it should goes to next stage etc..

Mainly the board consists of three roles:
i. The senior user.
ii. The senior supplier.
iii. The executive.

It is not a democratic board rather the executive is the person who has final say in the decision and will be responsible for the success of the project, but supported by two other roles. They will look at the project from business perspective which can yield some benefits such as decreased costs, increased sales and so on. They are often people with higher authority in the organizations who have the authority to deal with major show stoppers and take decisions. It’s one of the major roles.

Function of each role in the project board

i. The Executive: These are the people who are going to take decisions regarding the project. They should have good communication skills, proper clarity of the purpose of project and future vision so that they can decide what is good for the project and when to start and end the project. They will be held responsible for the success of the project.

ii. The Senior User: Few people will collectively represent senior user in the project board. They are going to represent the end user who is going to receive the final product and work on it. So they will check the final product from users’ perspective and find flaws in the project and give their inputs to get better final product.

iii. The Senior Supplier: There may be one or more senior supplier. They are the person with the authority who can take important decisions to remove bottlenecks from the project. They will have the authority over the people who will build project services or products. For an IT project it can be the head of IT department or the client.

When all these top management people will combine together and give their collective ideas to make the project IT organization is considered to be using PRINCE2.

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