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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Who is responsible to offer you with a proper Six Sigma certification?

These days there are a number of individuals who are getting certified in Six Sigma certification. But the fact is that nobody is aware of which certification can actually help them and which one they should take. There are a number of places from where you can get certification in Six Sigma. But the question again lays the same that which certification can be helpful to you. 

Companies certifying various belts in Six Sigma

Till now you must have thought that only some of the IT institutes are specialized in providing certification for different courses like 6 σ. But some of you will be surprised and amazed to know this that there are some business houses also such as Motorola, GE, and others that offer certification for courses like Six Sigma. But here the question should not be of what belt you need certification in; rather your question should be something like this: 

  • What value the instructed content carry?
  • How well the trainers are imparting you the content?
  • Are you covering all the aspects of the content?
  • Have the trainer demonstrated the content in practical way?
  • Have you gone for a test for the certification course?
  • Is the process actually useful for the organization?

So, finally it can be said that a business organization can also certify an individual with the certification in Six Sigma, provided if proper training is imparted and a proper certification is offered to the candidate. 

Legal Implications of 6 Sigma Certification

Thus, there are some business organizations that are registered to provide Six Sigma certification. Apart from the business organizations there are some other places also from where you can gain certification in Six Sigma. There are also many non-certified masters who offer to mentor you in black belts. But the question arises that will you be ready to get operated by a non-certified surgeon? So, here also if you wish to have a certification course in Six Sigma Black belt, it is then better to get certified from a registered place. 

There are also a number of new consultants that get add in the list of already existing consultants that provide Six Sigma Certification. A number of people get confused about whether these new additions can be relied upon or not. The answer to this question is yes but of course you should have a check with the list of question that has been mentioned above in this article. 

If you are thinking to start up a consultancy to impart the certification for SixSigma, and you are wondering about what are the various requirement, the you should know that there is no such requirements for it. Apart from getting registered in the SixSigma category, you don’t have any other extra things to go for. You can easily set up your consultancy and start the training sessions. 

There are a number of places from where you can take training in different belts of Six Sigma, but the most important thing is to know which one will help you. For this you need to get to a proper place for the certification. 

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  1. Sashank Naruala4 June 2015 at 22:11

    Six Sigma helps an organization in many ways, here I will limit my answer by saying that it will give you a proper lens to identify the problem which will give you additional credibility to resolve that. However finding the best trainer and how it is helpful to your organization is important.

  2. Rajeev Prajapati7 June 2015 at 22:44

    Thank you for sharing this question and giving few ideas to resolve it. I found Six Sigma Black belt will be helpful for my career, but one question arose in my mind that how worth it is to give exam directly? As of my knowledge most of the institutes are offering 5 to 6 days classroom training for which they are charging very high and Black belt is a vast course so I was thinking for self study before attending the exam. Please guide...